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Volkswagen Single Cab

The Concept ’64 Single Cab Pick Up

This vehicle was built from scratch at Concept Racing combining Bob’s love of VW’s with his passion for race cars. The build includes:

Scratch built chassis designed and made by Bob
Porsche 911 rear arms
Ford mustang cross member
Air ride technologies – Air ride adjustable height suspension.
16” Ford Mustang front discs – aftermarket up rated.
Willwood front 4 pot alloy callipers
Porsche 911 rear vented discs with built in handbrake assembly and Porsche 911 Carrera callipers
Hydraulic clutch assembly and pedals.
Cable operated gearshift.
Roll cage including additional strength in the front panel and triangulated chassis rails under the cab.
Carbon Fibre roof
Steel framed doors with aluminium skins. Many of the body panels are also hand built aluminium. Hinged aluminium side gates. All made at Concept Racing.
9.5 X 18” Front Wheels 11 X 18: rear wheels (American Racing Torque Thrust M Alloys)
Engine: 3 litre Porsche 911 flat 6. Race spec – race camshafts, headwork and a pair of triple Weber 410DF’s, equal length headers and custom exhaust.
MSD 6-AL electronic ignition system
Gearbox – alloy Porsche 915 5 speed with limited slip diff.
Carbon fibre race seat

The pickup has been on the Front cover of both the UK magazine Volksworld and the French magazine Super VW and on websites and forums all over the world.