Single seater - bike engined

Space framed – bike engined

Concept Aer


Original Hillman Imp bodywork

Original Hillman Imp bodywork

Retoga Fibreglass Bodywork

Retoga Fibreglass Bodywork available with the car



Retoga bodywork

Retoga bodywork – NB: Doesn’t include the roll cage


Originally a Maguire space framed Hillman Imp. The original fibreglass body has been removed and replaced with a custom aluminium body, the chassis has been widened, double wishbone suspension. The car is currently running a rear engined GSXR 1100 motor bike engine. There is also a spare set of wheels.

We are selling the car as a non-runner, although we think it is just has an electronic fault.

The car orignally raced sucessfully in the Castle Coomb GT Championship but would make a fantastic Hillclimb, Sprint or Trackday car. It needs some TLC but we think it’s a bargain at £3000

For anyone scared of the aluminium bodywork there is also a set of Retoga fibreglass bodywork here which we are prepared to sell with the car.

We’ll be gutted to see the car go but just don’t have the room to keep it and would love to see it out with someone having some fun.


Tel: 01989763777 / 07793586759

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