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OT03 Vortex Dry Sump Oil Tank – narrow body (165mm diameter) – 1.5 Gallon

Vortex Dry Sump Tank - 1.5 Gallon - narrow body - 165 mm

The Ultimate tank for de-aeration and oil scavenge.

Width - 165 mm

Height - 550 mm

Base - 180 mm X 180 mm

Breather - 19 mm OD

Inlet & Outlet - JIC / AN -12

Neck and Black anodised cap.


The Vortex Dry sump tanks is specially designed to swirl the oil returning to the oil tank from the engine, combined with baffles inside the tank this helps to de-aerate the oil before it returns to the engine. This high quality alloy tank features JIC -12 male ports (not as pictured) with a 19 mm push on breather pipe as standard. The tank is also available with different fittings and as as twin scavenge, please contact for details.

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