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Standard Dry Sump Tank – 1 Gallon

Standard Dry Sump Tank - 1 Gallon

Width - 190 mm

Height - 280 mm

Base - 200 mm X 200 mm

Breather - 13 mm OD

Inlet & Outlet - 5/8 BSP

Neck and Black anodised cap.


Concept Racing Dry Sump Tanks are a high quality aluminium construction with an internal baffle system to help prevent oil surge, starvation and aid de-aeration. As standard the tanks are fitted with 5/8 BSP female inlet and outlet ports and a screw on filler cap with a 13mm breather outlet on the filler neck. All of our tanks are available with different fittings, please contact us to discuss.

Delivery 5 - 7 days

Price: £115.00

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