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1 litre Fuel Swirl Pot – Rear Mounted

Rear mounted petrol swirl pot, push fittings.

Body - 75 mm diameter, Bracket 120 mm wide

Height - 230 mm excluding bleed

Inlets – 8 mm

Outlet – 12.5 mm

Bleed – 6.5 mm

Also available with "Bolt Up" / JIC fittings. Price: £100 plus P&P plus VAT Please contact us to order.

Concept Racing petrol swirl pots have been developed to be installed in fuel injected cars where fuel starvation may be a problem due to surge when cornering hard. The swirl pot maintains a constant supply of fuel, minimising fuel starvation and helping to eliminate unwanted air within the vehicles fuel system therefore reducing the possibility of fuel pump failure.

Fuel is usually supplied to the pot by a low pressure pump from the main tank. The pot then acts as a reservoir of fuel, which unlike fuel in the main tank is not affected by cornering forces thus eliminating fuel surge. The swirl pot then supplies the high pressure pump and the injection system.

Delivery 5 - 7 days

Price: £92.50

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