PRECISION MOTORSPORT FABRICATION - Intercoolers, charge-coolers, plenums, fuel tanks, swirl Pots, dry sump tanks, catch tanks, oil coolers, radiators, water swirl pots, header tanks, specialist welding.

Vertical water Swirl / Header – 38mm pipes

Vertical Water Swirl / Header Tank 38mm Pipes - 1.5 Litre

Body - 100 mm / 4" diameter

Height - 200 mm excluding pipes

Inlet – 38 mm

Outlet – 38 mm

Neck accepts standard size radiator cap

The Concept Racing Water Swirl Tank is designed to eliminate unwanted air within the vehicles cooling system. This allows the cooling system to achieve greater cooling efficiency, ideal for when your competition vehicle needs to be at optimum performance.

Delivery 5 - 7 days

Price: £97.50

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