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Miscellaneous Fuel Products

Price: £120.00

(plus VAT)
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1 Gallon Hillclimb Fuel Tank

Body – 145 mm diamter

Height – 350 mm including cap

Feed – 8 mm

Breather – 8 mm

Concept Racing aluminium fuel tanks are foam filled to help prevent fuel surge and suppress explosions. The fuel filler has an internal diameter of 38mm and has a black knurled screw on cap with a seal. VDO dip tube sender phalanges, dash fittings and roll over valves can be added at extra cost please contact us for details.

NB: The tank photographed has a roll over valve and -6 feed. As standard this tank has 8 mm feed and 8 mm breather instead.

Delivery 5 – 7 days

Price: £105.00

(plus VAT)
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Water Injection tank 2 Gallon / 9 litres

Height – 420 mm including neck.

Width – 190 mm

Base – 200 mm X 200 mm

Bleed – 6.5 mm OD

Outlet – 6.5 mm OD

Sight gauges – 6.5 mm OD


Constructed from lightweight but strong aluminium, the product gives high performance combined with an all important reduction in weight. Please note this product should not be used to hold methanol.

Delivery 5 – 7 days

Price: £6.00

(plus VAT)
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Concept Racing fuel tanks are fitted with fuel tank foam as standard for safety and to meet certain race regulations. The foam is designed to help suppress explosions and reduce fuel surge. Suitable for use petrol and diesel.
Foam is priced per gallon. 4.546 litres per UK gallon

NB: We sometimes have boxes of offcuts available. These are cheaper than foam blocks. Please contact us for details.

Price: £4.50

(plus VAT)
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Stainless steel for fuel tank straps – 30 mm wide.

Sold by the metre.

Price: £25.00

(plus VAT)
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Tank breather valves:

  • allow air in to replace fuel used
  • allow air out due to heat expansion or when filling
  • shut off to prevent fuel escaping due to splashing or even rolling over.

The body is -6 JIC male, the vent is 8 mm push fit.

Price: £37.90

(plus VAT)
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VDO Fuel Level Gauge For Dip Tube Type Sender

Price: £45.80

(plus VAT)
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VDO Dip-Pipe Fuel Level Sensor
5 – Hole Bolt Pattern (54mm PCD)

200mm long –

Fits our 7 Gallon mini tank and VW Splitscreen Bus tank


We sell various lengths of VDO Dip-Pipe Fuel Level Sensor – Please contact us for pricing.

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VDO Gauge

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Sticky backed foam to go under fuel tank straps.

Sold per 1.5 meter length.

(1.5 meters required for our 7 gallon mini tank straps and VW Tanks).