Oil tanks available from Concept Racing

Standard Dry Sump Tanks

Concept Racing Standard Dry Sump Tanks are a high quality aluminium construction with an internal baffle system to prevent oil surge, starvation and aid de-aeration. As standard the tanks are fitted with 5/8 BSP female inlet and outlet ports and a screw on filler cap with a 13mm breather outlet on the filler neck.

Standard dry sump tank

Standard Oil Tank


Vortex Dry Sump Tanks

The Vortex Dry sump tanks is specially designed to swirl the oil returning to the oil tank from the engine, combined with baffles inside the tank this helps to de-aerate the oil before it returns to the engine. This high quality alloy tank features 5/8 BSP female ports with a 19 mm push on breather pipe and a screw on filler cap.

Vortex oil tank

Vortex Dry Sump Tank

Cone Shaped Vortex Dry Sump Tank

The vortex tank is also available as a rear mounting tank with cone shaped top and bottom. The cone shaped tank is further designed to improve oil pick up and eradicate oil surge.

Cone shaped dry sump tank

Vortex cone shaped dry sump tank

Cleanable / Split Vortex Dry Sump Tank

The vortex tank is also available as an easy clean, split tank. At present it is available in 190mm and 145 mm diameter body sizes at any capacity required. Please contact us for more details.

Split / Cleanable Vortex Dry Sump Tank

Split / Cleanable Vortex Dry Sump Tank



















At Concept Racing we specialise in bespoke fabrications; there are many examples in the Gallery. The products in our standard product range can be supplied with different pipe sizes, angles, fittings or body sizes to suit your requirements – Any variation on the standard product is possible. As standard our oil tanks come in 190 mm diameter, 165 mm diameter and 145 mm diameter. Concept Racing dry sump tanks are available to buy from our online shop, however, if none of the standard products suit your requirements please contact us to discuss.

An interesting and informative article written by Lawrence Butcher can be found on the Race Engine Technology site at the following link:



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