PRECISION MOTORSPORT FABRICATION - Intercoolers, charge-coolers, plenums, fuel tanks, swirl Pots, dry sump tanks, catch tanks, oil coolers, radiators, water swirl pots, header tanks, specialist welding.

Oil Coolers & Water Cooled Oil Coolers

Concept Racing’s high quality, hand made Oil Coolers can be manufactured from your original sample oil cooler, cardboard template or simply send us your drawing / sketch. Oil coolers can be made to almost any size and shape, with whatever tube sizes, fittings and mounts required.

We have created a template to help get you started. Just print it out, add your dimensions, draw on your fittings and mountings etc and then email or fax it to us.

Concept Racing SPECIALISE in bespoke / one off parts as well as small production runs.

Contact by email, phone, fax or post to discuss in more detail.

Here is a selection of bespoke oil coolers and water cooled oil coolers made at Concept Racing.


View Template

You will need Adobe Reader view the template. You can download it free here