PRECISION MOTORSPORT FABRICATION - Intercoolers, charge-coolers, plenums, fuel tanks, swirl Pots, dry sump tanks, catch tanks, oil coolers, radiators, water swirl pots, header tanks, specialist welding.

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Maserati Oil & Fuel Tank

This oil tank was made for a Maserati 250F grand prix car originally built between 1954 & 1958. The fuel tank is for a Maserati 300S sports racing car originally built between 1955 & 1958. Similar types of these riveted tanks were used on many Maserati & Ferrari cars up to mid 1960’s. See the Project Images »

Porsche Plenum

Build sequence of plenum for BorgWarner turbo charged Porsche engine. See the Project Images »

Cosworth Oil Tank

This oil tank was made for the DJ firestorm race car, a single seater built for speed hill climbing. It is a carbon fibre monocoque and has a naturally aspirated 3.2 litre V8 Cosworth ex-indycar engine with a Lola 6 speed sequential gearbox. See the Project Images »

Arrows F1 Oil Tank

This oil tank was made for Graeme Wight Jr., the Scottish hillclimber, for his car the “GWR Predator”. The car used an ex-Arrows F1 Cosworth V10 as the powerplant. See the Project Images »

Porsche GT Heat Exchangers

Replica Porsche 962 oil coolers. Re-cored Porsche GT1 heat exchangers re-using part of the original cast end tanks. Porsche GT2 intercooler core upgrade, again putting together a new core with the original end tanks. See the Project Images »

Audi Quattro WRC oil tank

Replica oil tank for Sport Quattro S1, (1985). See the Project Images »

Don Boyack’s Toyota Celica GT-Four WRC

This car was one of the original 100 UK spec Group A homologation GT-Fours imported into the UK in 1994. Don ran it in various track events in uprated 330bhp spec until the water injection failed and the resulting detonation killed the engine. It was at this point that Don decided to rebuild it to full MSA circuit racing spec. See the Project Images »

F1 Water System Re-plumb

The original V8 engine in this car had been replaced with a Judd V10. This meant that the body had to be lengthened to accommodate the longer engine, as a result the original pipework needed to be extended and radiator header tanks inlets and outlets altered. See the Project Images »

Riley Radiator

This car came from Germany to have a new radiator made and fitted. Sounds like an easy enough job – but there was a lot involved – position and mounting relative to the fan, cowl, bonnet and central within the car as well as lining the filler neck up within the cowl. A modern fan was also fitted to help cooling, which should already have been improved by the modern and more efficient aluminium core. See the Project Images »

Lola T.140 Oil Tank & Radiator

This oil tank has been made to drawing and template to fit within the Lola side pods. The radiator is a replica of the original but using as big a core as possible within the available space. Note the extension of the central core into header tanks of the radiator. See the Project Images »

Skoda Radiator

On Friday 19 August, a ŠKODA Octavia vRS officially became the fastest 2.0-litre supercharged production car in the world when the 600 bhp ‘salt spec’ racer registered a Southern California Timing Association sanctioned speed of 227.070 mph on Utah’s legendary Bonneville Salt Flat. Concept Racing built the radiator for the car using original fans and mounting panel. See the Project Images »

Coolflow Bus – Rollcage

Bespoke rollcage for the Coolflow Bus to go the Nurburgring. See the Project Images »

Adie Hawkin’s & Lee Penn’s Alfa 33s

Adie Hawkins Alfa 33 is just at the stage of being run and tested – more news shortly.See the Project Images »

Nick Weatherall’s 1967 Convertible Karmann Ghia

So far Concept Racing have made the following parts for this project: Ducting for oil cooler and charge cooler radiator, engine bay panel with hidden fan to draw heat out, NOS bottle and bracket, engine bay panel with radiator for turbo and 2 hidden fans, battery box, shaped cover panel for steering column clearance, fuel tank complete with Monza cap and VDO sender unit, oil cooler and charge cooler radiator, charge cooler, inlet manifolds and turbo plenum with dump valve, water swirl pot for turbo, brake and clutch fluid reservoir, washer bottle, water header tank and pump for charge cooler, petrol swirl pot, roll hoop and door bars. See the Project Images »

Lotus 18/21 Radiator / Oil Cooler Combination

Lotus 18/21 Radiator and Oil Cooler combination manufactured by Concept Racing for Andrew Tart Motor Engineers. The Lotus 18/21 is a 1960′s F1 car. The car won on it’s first outing since having it’s new lightweight, efficient radiator and oil cooler combination fitted. The new cooler set weighed in at an amazing 4kg compared to the original 12kg and both oil and water temperatures were significantly lower.See the Project Images »

Bob’s Background

After A levels in Art and Design Technology, Bob continued his education by achieving 11 City & Guilds in vehicle body repair and refinishing including 2 Gold medals of excellence. Bob went on to complete a 3 year apprenticeship in Vintage Panel Beating at Classic Motor Cars in Bridgenorth. He followed this by starting his own panel beating business “Concept Coachwork”. Concept Coachwork moved on to combine Bob’s panel beating skills with his love of motor sport and became Concept Racing in 2002. Concept Racing now concentrates on producing high quality and individual solutions to the current needs of the motor sport industry. See the Project Images »