PRECISION MOTORSPORT FABRICATION - Intercoolers, charge-coolers, plenums, fuel tanks, swirl Pots, dry sump tanks, catch tanks, oil coolers, radiators, water swirl pots, header tanks, specialist welding.

Concept Racing Specialise in Precision Motor Sport Fabrication.

Bob Hall, proprietor of Concept Racing began his career making aluminium bodywork and plumbing solutions for historic sports cars. Over the last twenty years he has worked on some of the most prestigious race cars ever built, from Maserati 250Fs, Lotus Grand Prix cars, Rolls Royce and Aston Martin to current Formula 1 engined hill climb cars and 24 hour Le Mans cars.

Concept Racing prides itself on the ability to produce high quality and individual solutions to the current needs of the motor sport industry.We provide the following range of services:
One off fabrications – ranging from Historic Grand Prix Maserati oil and fuel tanks to current F1 oil tanks, radiators and wishbones. A selection of our bespoke fabrications can be viewed in the gallery

A comprehensive off the shelf product range at competitive prices, catering for all levels of motor sport including oil tanks, catch tanks, fuel tanks, water header tanks, petrol / water swirl pots, intercoolers, radiators, charge coolers, heat exchangers and suspension components.

Monocoque repairs and manufacture

Aluminium bodywork repairs.

Specialist welding service for magnesium, titanium, aluminium and alloy steels / stainless.

Full installation of fuel, air, oil and water systems.