Concept Racing aluminium fuel tanks

At Concept Racing all of our aluminium fuel tanks are foam filled to help prevent fuel surge, suppress explosions and meet race regulations

We have an “off the shelf” range of fuel tanks available from our online shop. These tanks have a black knurled screw on cap, splash bowl and sight gauge. Fuel outlets are 8mm outside diameter and the sight gauge outlets are 6mm outside diameter. The products in our standard product range can be supplied with different pipe sizes, angles or body sizes to suit your requirements – Any variation on the standard product is possible. VDO dip tube sender flanges, fuel injection returns, dash fittings or roll over valves can be added at extra cost please contact us for details.

At Concept Racing we specialise in one off / bespoke fabrications. We make a wide range of parts from pattern, drawing or a cardboard box mock up. We will have a go a most things and are often contacted to help solve problems or make parts that people are struggling to replace.

We have made fuel tanks of all different sizes and shapes as well as bag tank covers, extra capacity fuel tanks for long distance rally cars, replica fuel tanks for numerous classic and vintage race cars, tanks with one way filler valves to meet race regulations, bulkhead covers, fuel tanks with internal collectors and internal swirl pots, remote fillers, even combined fuel and oil tanks. Photos of many of these can be found in the fuel tank section of our website.

Aluminium bag tank cover

Aluminium bag tank cover with locking cap.

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