PRECISION MOTORSPORT FABRICATION - Intercoolers, charge-coolers, plenums, fuel tanks, swirl Pots, dry sump tanks, catch tanks, oil coolers, radiators, water swirl pots, header tanks, specialist welding.

Bespoke Manufacturing

At Concept Racing we specialise in bespoke fabrications; there are many examples in the Gallery and the Custom Products sections of the website.  We manufacture a wide range of parts from pattern, drawing, photograph and cardboard box mock up as well as working on cars brought “in house”. We will have a go a most things and are often contacted to help solve problems or make parts that people are struggling to replace. Please contact us to discuss.  We specialise in one offs and small batch runs.

Porsche Plenum

Porsche Plenum – Bespoke fabrication

Parts from cardboard pattern

Part manufactured from customer’s cardboard pattern


In addition the products in our standard product range can be supplied with different pipe sizes, angles or body sizes to suit your requirements – Any variation on the standard product is possible.

Modified standard catch tank

Modified standard catch tank


Lotus 18/21 Radiator

Lotus 18/21 Radiator – Aluminium replacement made using original pattern